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Sea Girl Pearls, the beginning.

2016 had been a very rough year for me with health and other personal issues. I was sad & depressed and stuck in my bed most of the year. Then I saw my first Facebook Pearl Party! I was hooked! I found some much joy in watching these parties. Unfortunately I could not afford any of it. I decided I would love to join the company & become a consultant. That idea was dashed when the company had a freeze on new consultants and was not lifting it for quite some time. 

A Plan.

Since I could not join a pearl company I decided I could probably do this on my own. So I researched for days finding everything I needed. Again, the cost was just too great. I was devastated. I had left all the papers of information on my desk and felt totally defeated. 

A Gift!

My daughter Ashley (now the VP of SGP) saw how depressed I was & decided to take action. She asked everyone if our family if they wanted to pitch in and give the supplies I needed to me as an early Christmas present. She took the papers off my desk, and ordered everything. When she told me I was in shock. I was so excited and could not wait to get shucking. November 6th 2016 I held my first Facebook live pearl party! I have never looked back. In February 2017 we decided to add consultants launching 30 our first month. In March of 2017 I hung up my shucking knife and concentrated fully on my consultants. We are over 300 strong to date. All because of an act of love in the form of a gift. 

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