Our new catalog launched July 1st! Check out the amazing new products!

Sea Girl Pearls LLC

The most fun oyster pearl party company on the web!


Welcome to our family.

Sea Girl Pearls is a family owned and run pearl company that is a ton of fun!

We have yearly conventions in Green Bay Wisconsin and amazing trips you can earn. Get paid 40-60% commission on your sales PLUS if you choose to sponsor a team you can earn a team bonus every month!

When you order you get your discount up front, so for every sale you are getting your commission immediately!

You can sell online, in person at parties or events. 

We cannot wait for you to join us and our family today!

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What's New?

2019 Manifest

We launched our new manifest/catalog July 1st 2019!

Pearls, pendants, oysters, fun, games, diamonds, gold & more!

New Manifest/Catalog

New Treasure Troves!

THREE brand new Treasure Troves/starter kits to choose from. Get your high seas adventure started today! Join our AMAZING Pearl Party Company today!

Become a Seabie (consultant)


Watch this page for our updates on our 2018 SGP Convention in Green Bay Wisconsin! 

Family owned pearl party company!

We had an amazing SGP convention in Green Bay!

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